Pyrotechnics at a Wedding?

I have a great friend in the pyrotechnics business named Carolina Moody Bear. She owns Big Dog Pyro. They have created some amazing pyrotechnic shows for their wedding clients. Here is just one example: Big Dog Pyro Facebook Page

With July 4th tomorrow, I thought about weddings with a fireworks theme. Is this way too much? Alternatively, is this the new trend?  

We are all mesmerized when we see a fireworks display whether it be at 4th of July or New Years. However, a wedding? Would we be mesmerized? Absolutely! Who does not want to see, and be surprised, by fireworks?

Mariachi Amor has performed at several events where the bride and grooms send off is with some sparklers or fireworks displays.  

Armando and Meghan’s Wedding at Hacienda del Lago. The wedding couples send off.

Although it is not common at most weddings, it is an idea wedding couples are considering into their wedding plans. 

My suggestion would be to talk to the venue about your plans. Talk with your wedding planner and asked if this is permittable at your wedding venue. There are city ordinances in your city, so this would also be a great avenue to start your research.

I give the sparklers and pyrotechnics at weddings a thumbs up.


Alex Ramirez