“Greetings From Austin” Iconic Mural

Photograph: Alex Ramirez

Do you ever wonder where the “Greetings From Austin, TX” sign is? Well, there is some excellent history around this iconic Austin mural, and we’re sharing its location and much more!

After a performance at JW Marriott, we were heading back to where we met before the event.  

A thought occurred as I drove by this iconic Austin mural. I circled back around the block, since we had passed by it, and decided we should take a group photo. Well, several images later, and to some helpful people, we were able to capture this photo. 

In researching this iconic Austin mural, I came across this time-lapse video of the project from 2013. 

This mural is south of downtown on the side of Roadhouse Relics. It’s on the corner of S. 1st and Annie Street. 

In 2013, Todd Sanders talked to KXAN about the restoration of this iconic mural. 

It’s come a long way since 2013! 

On the day we arrived to take this photo, there was a couple with their young newborn in the stroller and a mother and daughter. 

They were surprised by us, I mean who gets to see a mariachi band taking pictures by the mural on a Wednesday evening?

The mother and daughter thought we were taking pictures for an album cover. Does anyone still say album cover? Hmm. 

I asked the daughter if she would take photos for us from my iPhone camera. She happily agreed and asked if they too could take a picture of us and tag us on social media. I said, “absolutely.”

I was thinking of creative poses for this mural.  I didn’t want to take the traditional poses all the people typically take in their photographs. I wanted something different. 

Well, the creative one was Elsa. She said, “why don’t we all point to the mural.” I thought, “point to the mural? How?” The result was a great photograph!

Written by Alex Ramirez