Do you feed the musicians at Weddings?

Whim Hospitality Grand Opening THINK | Photo taken by Alex Ramirez

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Yes and no. Wait, What?

Musicians are hired to perform at a point during the wedding. For example, you may have a string quartet for the ceremony, a mariachi band for the Cocktail and Dinner Hour, and a cover band for the rest of the evening. 

Some musical groups, in their terms of the contract, will have the “meals provided by the client” clause. Others may verbally tell the wedding couple that the meals are appreciated. A few groups may not have it in their terms nor might they ask for it. So, it is a good question to ask when booking the entertainment. 

So, the question is, do you feed the musicians? Absolutely!

What do you feed them? I would say feed them just like your guests. If you have budgeted for 150 guests, add some musicians to your budget. For example, you have 150 guests, and you plan to have a string quartet, a mariachi band, and a cover band. Well, you know the quartet has four musicians, and perhaps the mariachi band has five performers, and the cover band has eight members. That is a total of seventeen people. We will add the 150 + 17 = 167. So, the budget is now for 167 guests.

At $50 per person times 17? The total is $850.00.

What kind of options do you have to keep costs down? Perhaps, the caterer may provide you a discounted rate for working professionals. Another option could be to ask the caterer to create sandwiches or sliders. There is always an alternative. Find out what works for you.

Remember, not all the musicians will have the opportunity to eat. In the case of Mariachi Amor, our schedule sometimes does not permit us to stay, and therefore we will not add it to our terms of the contract.

Alex Ramirez

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