Celebrating Jack’s 60th Birthday At The County Line

Celebrating Jack’s 60th Birthday at The County Line | photo taken by Alex Ramirez

Jack was surprised! His friends and family had arrived at 7 PM to begin his birthday celebration at The County Line On The Lake

The idea of having a mariachi for Jack’s birthday came weeks earlier. 

I received a phone call from Jack’s wife, Vanessa. She explained that a mariachi band would be something her husband would not suspect and that it would compliment a fun and festive birthday celebration. She was given our information by Vanessa Miller, Director of Special Events for The County Line. 

Vanessa Miller, Director of Special Events for The County Line, had suggested to her to call Mariachi Amor. 

There were so many ideas I shared with her like starting at the beginning of the event to the middle of the event or just performing at the last hour of the event. 

She decided to have us surprise her husband after they had dinner and right before dessert. 

Sandy, the event coordinator for this event, helped us to make it a memorable surprise entrance as the guests were done eating and waiting for the dessert. 

With the birthday dessert in route, Mariachi Amor followed. “Las Mañanitas” was the first song we played. 

Jack was surprised! He had a huge smile on his face as we walked up to sing. 

The guests sang along as we played “Happy Birthday To You.” 

Alex Ramirez

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Mariachi Song Suggestions For Ceremony?

A question I get asked most often is, “What songs will you be doing for the wedding ceremony?”

A church wedding is different than a wedding ceremony (off-site location).

In a church wedding (assuming it’s a Catholic Church), all the songs will be mostly from the Flor Y Canto book. The processional, mass and recessional songs would come from this book. The choir/musical director of the church can best assist the mariachi band in the most traditional songs for the entrance/exit. Some churches may not let you play any secular music (i.e., “Motivos” “Somos Novios”) inside the church but will allow it outside as you exit.

At an off-site wedding, with a wedding officiant, it is more common to hear songs like “Solamente Una Vez” “Motivos” “Hermoso Cariño” and most of the romantic traditional mariachi songs. 

Is it better to hire a Wedding Planner? Day Of Coordinator? or just Do It Yourself?


I consistently work with brides on their choice of entertainment for their Cocktail Hour, Dinner Hour or both. One of the first questions I ask is, “who is your wedding planner?” So, you may be asking why would I want to know whether they have a planner or not. I’ll tell you why. 

When they answer with their planner’s name, and they give it to me, I know it will be easier to increase the experience, the bride will have a lot less stress, and chances are I’ve worked with their planner before, so it makes it easier for everyone. 

When they answer they have a Day-Of-Coordinator, it still a great option but in my opinion, not the better choice. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve performed at many successful weddings with only the Day-of-Coordinator. However, most begin working on the couple’s wedding anywhere from two weeks to two days before the wedding day. I have less contact with them because they are only responsible for the day of the event. 

And, when they answer they are a do it yourself bride, I know I will have to educate them on how we fit into their wedding day. I understand brides may be on a budget or decide they want it a particular way. It makes sense. There are a ton of websites to assist them in doing their wedding, and lots of them have templates they can print and use to help them. But, in my opinion, it’s a lot of work. Remember, wedding planners become wedding planners only after several exercises and exams to become certified. And, wedding planners do this for a living, so they have the experience and expertise. 

In the end, it’s the brides choice. She’ll determine how much time and stress she’ll devote to her wedding. 


Alex Ramirez

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