How Does Mariachi Music Fit In Your Wedding?

In this episode, Alex identifies the reasons for you to have mariachi music at your wedding. 

  • What part of my wedding does the Mariachi fit?
  • I have an outdoor ceremony. Can I have a mariachi band play before the wedding ceremony?
  • I booked the Mariachi for my Cocktail Hour, but I’m taking photos, and I’ll miss them. Can I add additional time?
  • My wedding is Fiesta theme. Does a mariachi band fit this?


Best Of Last Three Months 2017


We have had so much excitement this year! Five-star reviews, awards, and recognition are only a few of the great highlights of 2017. 


Mariachi Amor mission is to create fun and memorable experiences by providing our unique blend of talents.

The majority of our clients are brides. Since getting engaged, the wheels in their mind are searching for their perfect wedding. Once the thought of having a mariachi band at their wedding comes to mind, they research online to see who has some positive reviews, social media, awards, etc. 

One of the brides I consulted was lost as to how she would incorporate the mariachi band without her fiancé finding out. 

As some of you may know, I offer a free consultation with every bride to discover how we can best suit their needs and this was a perfect time to see how we could make it happen. 

You see, most brides work on a wedding budget. Sometimes they have to cut back on some items from their wedding list. The bride told her fiancé the mariachi band was an additional expense and must be deleted from their wish list. Of course, the fiancé would have loved having a mariachi because of the Mexican tradition but agreed in the end. 

In the end, she did book our services without him knowing

On the day of the wedding, we called the planner when we arrived.  Because it was an outdoor wedding, we had to position ourselves without anyone seeing us. The planner walked us to the front of the bridal suite from the parking lot. 

Once the ceremony was over, and people were applauding the newlyweds, we started playing. The groom, as well as the guests, were surprised seeing Mariachi Amor. A big smile came across the groom’s face as he turned to his wife and kissed her. 

Those are the fun and memorable experience we give to our clients and ourselves.

Alex Ramirez



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The Love Blog

Happy New Year! 

We had an incredible 2016! 

Our revenue is way beyond what 2015 was, but most importantly our business relationships grew. Our focus in 2016: The Wedding Industry. The what, where, who, how and why. I’ve learned so much about this thing called weddings.

It started when I attended an Alan Berg event at Mercury Hall in February of last year. I committed to paying the $99 to learn about the Wedding Sales Cycle and Follow-ups. I didn’t know what to expect. From that day until now, I’ve learned a lot!

Since then, I’ve made a ton of new friends in the Wedding Industry; photographers, wedding planners, venue owners, florists, stationary, photo booth owners, limousine services, and much more.

In addition, I’m on the Communications Committee of “International Live Events Association”. I’ve met other Wedding professionals and have learned quite a bit from them; There is so much value I have received from this organization.

Another organisation I’m a part of is “Wedding Network USA.” Great people and valuable ideas shared at each event. 

Our projections for 2017 is looking at a tremendous growth in the Wedding Industry and I’m ready for it!

Alex M. Ramirez