Is it better to hire a Wedding Planner? Day Of Coordinator? or just Do It Yourself?


I consistently work with brides on their choice of entertainment for their Cocktail Hour, Dinner Hour or both. One of the first questions I ask is, “who is your wedding planner?” So, you may be asking why would I want to know whether they have a planner or not. I’ll tell you why. 

When they answer with their planner’s name, and they give it to me, I know it will be easier to increase the experience, the bride will have a lot less stress, and chances are I’ve worked with their planner before, so it makes it easier for everyone. 

When they answer they have a Day-Of-Coordinator, it still a great option but in my opinion, not the better choice. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve performed at many successful weddings with only the Day-of-Coordinator. However, most begin working on the couple’s wedding anywhere from two weeks to two days before the wedding day. I have less contact with them because they are only responsible for the day of the event. 

And, when they answer they are a do it yourself bride, I know I will have to educate them on how we fit into their wedding day. I understand brides may be on a budget or decide they want it a particular way. It makes sense. There are a ton of websites to assist them in doing their wedding, and lots of them have templates they can print and use to help them. But, in my opinion, it’s a lot of work. Remember, wedding planners become wedding planners only after several exercises and exams to become certified. And, wedding planners do this for a living, so they have the experience and expertise. 

In the end, it’s the brides choice. She’ll determine how much time and stress she’ll devote to her wedding. 


Alex Ramirez

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The Love Blog

Happy New Year! 

We had an incredible 2016! 

Our revenue is way beyond what 2015 was, but most importantly our business relationships grew. Our focus in 2016: The Wedding Industry. The what, where, who, how and why. I’ve learned so much about this thing called weddings.

It started when I attended an Alan Berg event at Mercury Hall in February of last year. I committed to paying the $99 to learn about the Wedding Sales Cycle and Follow-ups. I didn’t know what to expect. From that day until now, I’ve learned a lot!

Since then, I’ve made a ton of new friends in the Wedding Industry; photographers, wedding planners, venue owners, florists, stationary, photo booth owners, limousine services, and much more.

In addition, I’m on the Communications Committee of “International Live Events Association”. I’ve met other Wedding professionals and have learned quite a bit from them; There is so much value I have received from this organization.

Another organisation I’m a part of is “Wedding Network USA.” Great people and valuable ideas shared at each event. 

Our projections for 2017 is looking at a tremendous growth in the Wedding Industry and I’m ready for it!

Alex M. Ramirez