Mariachi Song Suggestions For Ceremony?

A question I get asked most often is, “What songs will you be doing for the wedding ceremony?”

A church wedding is different than a wedding ceremony (off-site location).

In a church wedding (assuming it’s a Catholic Church), all the songs will be mostly from the Flor Y Canto book. The processional, mass and recessional songs would come from this book. The choir/musical director of the church can best assist the mariachi band in the most traditional songs for the entrance/exit. Some churches may not let you play any secular music (i.e., “Motivos” “Somos Novios”) inside the church but will allow it outside as you exit.

At an off-site wedding, with a wedding officiant, it is more common to hear songs like “Solamente Una Vez” “Motivos” “Hermoso Cariño” and most of the romantic traditional mariachi songs. 

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  1. Can you suggest mariachi ceremony songs? My daughter would like to walk down with an instrumental mariachi song on her wedding day…really, really appreciate names of songs.

    1. Hi Mona,

      Thank you for reading our blog! I’d be happy to suggest some Mariachi ceremony songs.

      Solamente Una Vez
      Ojos Espanoles
      Sabor a Mi
      Besame Mucho
      Somos Novios

      Most mariachi bands will be able to perform them as instrumentals.

      The DJ providing your music should have all these songs in case you don’t have a mariachi band for your daughter’s wedding.

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